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Focus is the simplest way to block distractions and craft your perfect productivity routine!

Your attention is being tracked, tampered with and traded. Megacorps recognize your attention is one of the most valuable things in the world—and they're doing everything they can to keep you addicted to their services.

Armies of engineers, marketers and psychologists employ every trick in the book to keep you hooked.

What if there were an app that helped you fight back against the tsunami of distractions—one that actually worked for you?

Focus is a Mac app that blocks distractions so you can steal back your productivity and accomplish your best work!

Focus blocks distractions out of the way in the background
Focus has advanced website blocking features

Website Blocking

Focus is a website blocker that can block websites with amazing precision in all major web browsers (like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

It supports every kind of website blocking you can imagine, from creating a blocklist that blocks specific websites, to allowed websites that block the entire Internet except for a few whitelisted domains. Focus can even block sites by keyword.

Focus is also a powerful app blocker and can block applications on your computer like Slack, Messenger or Steam.

It works out of the box, is simple to setup—and enforces any productivity routine you can imagine.

Motivation Meets Discipline

Getting back on track after you're distracted can be tricky, which is why Focus replaces distractions with inspirational quotes to put you back in a productive mindset.

Focus comes with dozens of inspiring quotes by default, and makes it easy to personalize your motivation.

Focus replaces distractions with inspirational quotes
Scheduling your productivity with Focus is the best way to stick to a routine

Schedule Your Productivity

Be more productive with a Focus schedule—set up daily, weekly or weekend schedules (and enforce them).

If schedules aren't your thing, Focus has a pomodoro timer, a productivity technique of breaking work into small chunks to improve flow and mental agility.

And don't worry, if you need a break, Focus can allow up to a certain amount of time every day. Over time, using Focus this way helps you build your discipline and self control.

Unstoppable Productivity

Sometimes procrastination creeps in and we need extra help staying on task.

Focus can enforce schedules and timers with a lock mode, which means when they're running, they cannot be stopped.

Focus also offers password protection, requiring a password to change any preferences. This is great for use with a trusted friend and parents looking for powerful Parental Controls.

When you're procrastinating, sometimes you need an extra push—Hardcore Mode enforces Focus so once it starts it can't be stopped
Stay on top of your productivity goals with Statistics

Track Your Productivity

Keep up with your productivity to ensure you're sticking to your goals with Statistics.

Track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Focus sessions so you always know when you've been productive.

Build a streak, and then keep it going!

Productivity Workflows

Focus has full BASH scripting support, which means it also supports your favorite programming language.

Craft the productivity routine of your dreams, like automatically setting away status on Slack/Skype or integrating with your favorite Mac productivity apps.

Focus integrates with other productivity apps, and other productivity apps integrate with Focus, creating a seamless productivity environment you can easily customize.

Create the perfect productivity workflow with Focus Scripting

Focus offers powerful productivity features without requiring you to be a computer expert.

It doesn't require editing your hosts file in the Terminal or any complicated setup in System Preferences. It works on every browser to block access to webpages you find distracting, and it's easy to customize.

Focus is an application for Apple's macOS. Versions for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, and Windows are planned.

Break Mode

Regular breaks allow you to rest and regain energy to refocus. Breaks are configurable and can even be used in pomodoro timers.

Quickly Block Distractions

Stay in flow with quick blocking, even when Focus is in Hardcore Mode and preferences can't be changed.

Instant Productivity

Setup your perfect productivity environment with 1-click, or use a global keyboard shortcut to run Focus from anywhere.

Focus at Work

Focus supports all networks, including complex ones you may find at work (like proxies or VPNs).

Powerful Blocking Engine

Focus has the most powerful website blocking engine on the planet. Block a specific webpage, or the entire Internet.

Privacy Guaranteed

Focus is private. It runs locally and never sends sensitive data off your Mac.

Get in the zone with 1-click

Focus creates your ideal work environment with 1-click, so you can get high quality work done.

When distractions pop-up, Focus blocks them and sets you back on track!

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"Thanks for this incredible tool, for me it is the most important tool on my mac" Prabhu
"I really like the Focus application and it is tremendously helpful for me" Robin
"Thank you for creating such an amazing application; your app has served me well this week during finals!" Clifford

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