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By default, Focus blocks all listed websites. But sometimes, the opposite is wanted—you want to only allow a handful of websites but block everything else. This is where whitelisting is helpful.

By switching the mode in Preferences > Blocking to Whitelist you can enable this mode.

Whitelisting sites in Focus

Blacklist and whitelist have completely different website lists, but only one can be enabled at a time. To get some of the best of both worlds, look into Whitelist Exceptions below.

Whitelist Exceptions

The regular default blacklisting mode also offers Whitelist Exceptions, which allow you to whitelist only a few URLs. This is useful in cases where you want to block an entire website, except for a few pages (like all of Facebook except for your business page).

Watch Tutorial

Watch a tutorial on how to block websites and apps using Focus, including how to use whitelisting.

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