8 of the Best Productivity Apps or Mac

Access a list of Mac apps you may not have heard of that can help boost specific aspects of your work for increased and streamlined productivity.

When it comes to productivity apps, there's certainly the big players like Trello, Asana, Evernote, and more that have transformed the way we work. In this post, we'll talk about some of the smaller, lesser-known Mac apps that can help improve specific aspects of your work for increased productivity.

  • Numi
  • Noisli
  • Calendly
  • Aware
  • Alfred
  • PopClip
  • SizeUp
  • Focus

Continue reading to learn more about these productivity apps including how they boost productivity, what features are included, and how much they cost.


Calculate anything with numbers.



How does Numi increase productivity?

Numi is a one-stop converter application. Want to know how many milliliters are in a gallon? Euros to dollars? Pounds to kilograms? When it comes to calculating numbers, Numi does it all. With Numi, you can avoid opening Google and other distractions by simply choosing the application when you need to make a calculation.

Numi Features

  • Calculate currency, temperature, area, length, volume and time.
  • Calculate math functions like sin, cos, exponent, and more.
  • Calculate percentages (Example: what is 15% of $70?)

Is Numi Mobile Friendly?

This app is not for use on Apple mobile devices.

Cost of Numi

Numi is currently free to download with a paid license on the horizon.


Customize your background noise.



How does Noisli increase productivity?

Mix and match sounds to occupy the background of your work environment. Do you work best during a thunderstorm? In a coffee shop? Both? Create your perfect sound environment and maximize your productivity. Use the Timer feature for productive sessions that take advantage of other productivity techniques like Pomodoro.

Noisli Features

  • Break down the sounds of your day with timed productivity sessions
  • Save and share your favorite sound combos
  • Minimalist text editor function for writing in a distraction-free environment

Is Noisli Mobile Friendly?

There's an official Noisli app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It's great for creating a productive space while working remotely, on the go, or for help going to sleep.

Cost of Noisli

The desktop version and all of its features are completely free. There's a small one-time fee for the mobile app.


Schedule meetings without the back-and-forth.



How does Calendly increase productivity?

Calendly lets you set your availability, share your calendar, and have others book a time that's convenient for them. Coordinate schedules simply and efficiently without wasting time on back-and-forth emails.

Calendly Features

  • Integrates with Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar
  • Meeting confirmation and reminder emails
  • Schedule meetings with multiple team members at once
  • Set daily limits on available meeting time
  • Time zone detection

Is Calendly Mobile Friendly?

This app is not for use on mobile Apple devices. Calendly is actively researching a solution for an iOS app.

Cost of Calendly

The basic plan for Calendly is free. Other features, such as metrics and reporting, are accessible with Premium for $8 a month and Pro for $12 a month. There is also an option to try all features free for 14 days.


Track and monitor computer usage.



How does Aware increase productivity?

Aware is a very minimalist app with no reminders, alarms, notifications, or blinking lights. Aware is a menubar app that simply tracks your Mac usage so you can better understand the time you spend online.

You can monitor your computer usage to make sure you are putting in enough productive hours, and to make sure you aren't overextending yourself.

Aware Features

  • Monitor computer usage to ensure you're putting in enough productive hours
  • Monitor computer usage to ensure you're not overworking yourself

Is Aware Mobile Friendly?

This app is not for use on mobile Apple devices.

Cost of Aware

Aware is free to download from the app store.


Boost your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more.



How does Alfred increase productivity?

Never repeat a dull computer operation again. Alfred is your personal online butler. With Alfred, you can customize the functionality of your Mac for workflows at the tip of your fingers. Happy Alfred users say they can't imagine working without it.

Alfred Features

  • Build your own private workflows
  • Import pre-made workflows from a community of creators
  • Save clipboard history
  • Create default search keywords
  • Perform quick math calculations
  • Check spelling and/or definitions

Is Alfred Mobile Friendly?

Alfred has a companion mobile app for iPhone and iPad called Alfred Remote. The application boosts frequently used actions on your mobile device.

Cost of Alfred

The latest version of Alfred is free to download. Expand your use with purchasable Powerpacks that let you enjoy workflows and themes. Alfred Remote, the mobile app version of Alfred is available for purchase from the app store for $4.99.


Reach hundreds of extensions in one-click.



How does PopClip increase productivity?

PopClip appears when you highlight any text, giving you access to hundreds of extensions with one-click. Think of it as the ultimate right click of your mouse. Access a long list of extensions from the usual suspects like copy, cut, and paste, as well as other handy tools like search, spelling, dictionary, and text transformations.

PopClip Features

  • Pick and choose the extensions you use most
  • Integrates with note-taking apps, like Stickies, Evernote, and Apple Notes
  • Integrates with Task Management and To-Do list apps, like Todoist, Wunderlist, and Todo
  • Post text directly to a Slack channel

Is PopClip Mobile Friendly?

This app is not for use on mobile Apple devices.

Cost of PopClip

PopClip has a free trial option and can be purchased for $9.99.


Manage your windows.



How does SizeUp increase productivity?

SizeUp is designed for macOS users who use several different windows or monitors at once. It allows you to resize and reposition your windows with ease to clean up and optimize the use of your screen.

SizeUp Features

  • Global keyboard shortcuts
  • Reserve space at the edges of your screen with customizable margins
  • Avoid shadows and overlap by adding space between windows
  • Compatible with AppleScript for custom actions

Is SizeUp Mobile Friendly?

This app is not for use on mobile Apple devices.

Cost of SizeUp

Access unlimited features in a free trial, or purchase SizeUp for $12.99 with a 60-day money back guarantee.


Block distracting websites.



How does Focus increase productivity?

It can take your brain 23 minutes or more to get back to the task after a distraction. Focus blocks distracting websites so you're not interrupted by a Facebook notification inviting you to play Candy Crush. Block any website or application that can cause a distraction to establish productive bursts of work.

💡 Learn more in How to Not Get Distracted When You're Working Online

Focus Features

  • Automatic or customizable inspirational quotes to help you get back on task
  • Setup and enforce daily, weekly, or weekend schedules
  • A built-in Pomodoro timer to break up your work
  • Track your progress with productivity statistics

Is Focus Mobile Friendly?

The latest version is only available for macOS but there are iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android applications in the works.

Cost of Focus

Download a free trial complete with all Focus features or purchase starting at $19 (one-time cost).

We may be a little biased about this last one, but that's because Focus was built with a passion for productive work. Focus aims to improve people's lives by inspiring focus, creativity, and productivity. Thanks for supporting indie development. 💗

With so many amazing apps out there, it's important to make sure you don't overload yourself. At some point, your productivity will decline. Test the apps you think could work to boost your productivity and then ditch any that don't.

We'd love to hear from you too. What do you think the best productivity apps are and why do you love them?

Here are a couple of the other best productivity apps for Mac that didn't get mentioned:

  • 1Password is a great Mac password manager that let's you securely and safely use different passwords for all services

  • Fantastical is a great macOS calendar that offers features for quickly adding events and reminders

  • Zapier isn't a macOS app but does let you connect any service to nearly any other service, very useful for productively creating workflows to optimize your routine.

Having a hard time staying on task because of distractions? Focus is an app for your Mac computer that helps you stay on track. It blocks things that can distract you so you can get your work done. Try Focus and see how much better you can do!
Download Focus
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