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The changelog covers recent changes made to Focus (download the latest release).

v1.7.11 — July 18, 2017

Lots of bug fixes and addresses some long-standing issues! Last big release before 1.8.0!

  • Fixed long-standing issue with multiple versions of Focus running 🎉
  • Changed preferences window to show up in dock and app switcher
  • Added more advanced preferences in menu bar
  • Fixed Focus icon size in menubar
  • Fixed bug with schedule not re-enabling in some cases
  • Fixed bug starting timer from menubar icon
  • Fixed bug with custom focus time hours not calculating properly
  • Added throttle to control block speed
  • Lots of other bug fixes

v1.7.8 — July 14, 2017

Lot's of bug fixes and some big new features!

  • Added new themes for block page
  • Added ability to control breaks in preferences
  • Added new welcome screen for first-run
  • Fixed application blocking for apps with launchers (like League of Legends)
  • Fixed drag and drop bug
  • Lots of other bug fixes

v1.7.6 — July 7, 2017

New feature: Breaks! 🎉

  • Added breaks!
  • Simplified dropdown menu
  • Fixed Firefox extension to work with latest Firefox changes
  • Added official extension, which supports 3rd party browsers like Opera, Vivaldi and Brave
  • Lots of bug fixes

v1.7.5 — June 26, 2017

A minor release that fixes hardcore mode.

  • Fixed issues with hardcore mode not working in some cases

v1.7.1 — June 11, 2017

A minor release that fixes a bug introduced to the 1.7.0 release.

  • Fixed browsers opening when waking computer

v1.7.0 — June 9, 2017

A major release that implements a new blocking procedure.

  • Changed core blocking in Focus to be more straightforward
  • Removed requirement for accessibility permissions
  • Various bug fixes

v1.5.1 — April 31, 2016

A major release that introduces a new blocking method.

  • Introduced new core blocking method in Focus

v1.4.20 — January 31, 2016

A minor release that fixes bugs with crashing, blocking and auto restart.

  • Added ability to dynamically change log level to help with debugging
  • Bugfix: Fixed crashing bug in third party library
  • Bugfix: Fixed inability to close Focus
  • Bugfix: Fixed blocking not working in some cases
  • Bugfix: Fixed 'Send Debug Info' bug when browser not present

v1.4.19 — January 24, 2016

A minor release that fixes a crash.

  • Fixed crash by reverting broken library

v1.4.18 — January 18, 2016

A minor release that fixes the way blocking works.

  • Added auto relaunch when Focus quits to prevent blocking workarounds
  • Rewrote blocking layer to improve blocking on 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Added Chromium browser support
  • Bugfix: Fixed unblocking bug when browser not present
  • Many smaller bug fixes

v1.4.15 — December 13, 2015

A minor release that fixes various bugs.

  • Rewrote data layer in preparation for sync and other upcoming features
  • Updated debugging to make it easier to fix problems
  • Bugfix: Fixed 'Add Schedule' not showing new schedule without changing panels
  • Bugfix: Fixed whitelisting of Safari and Chrome new tab pages
  • Bugfix: Fixed menu opening on down click rather than upclick
  • Many smaller bug fixes

v1.4.11 — October 20, 2015

A minor release that fixes various bugs.

  • Added confirmation button for changing the schedule
  • Bugfix: Fixed issues with trial window not disappearing
  • Bugfix: Fixed running only one custom command per session
  • Bugfix: Fixed crashing bug with WebSocket connection

v1.4.9 — September 29, 2015

A minor release that fixes various bugs.

  • Bugfix: Fixed environment variables in scripting to better handle intervals

v1.4.8 — September 28, 2015

A minor release that fixes various bugs.

  • Bugfix: Fixed Safari pinned tabs in 10.11 (pinned tabs are now closed)

v1.4.7 — September 14, 2015

A minor release that fixes various bugs.

  • Bugfix: Fixed drag and dropping applications to the menubar in hardcore mode
  • Bugfix: Fixed schedules not starting properly if existing session
  • Bugfix: Fixed menubar animations in 10.11
  • Bugfix: Fixed preference panel resizing

v1.4.3 — July 29, 2015

A minor release that fixes various bugs.

  • Bugfix: Fixed certain timezones not being calculated properly
  • Added console logs to “Send Debug Information”

v1.4.1 — July 21, 2015

A minor release that fixes various bugs.

  • Bugfix: Fixed preference panels not showing on 10.9
  • Bugfix: Fixed negative time allowed on timer
  • Bugfix: Fixed new schedules in flexible schedule ordering
  • Bugfix: Fixed auto launch not being installed properly

v1.4.0 — July 7, 2015

A major release that introduces many new features like flexible scheduling and site whitelisting.

  • Feature: Flexible scheduling allows an infinite number of schedules
  • Feature: Whitelisting for websites
  • Added BASH variables to scripting
  • Improved drag and drop support
  • Improved custom time window
  • Improved timezone support
  • Lots of bug fixes!

v1.3.5 — April 25, 2015

A minor release that fixes various bugs.

  • Bugfix: Fixed prompt that would sometimes appear if a browser wasn't installed
  • Bugfix: Fixed some URLs not being blocked properly
  • Bugfix: Fixed Chrome Canary blocking issues
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where custom time window was unavailable
  • Allow trial to reset on major version updates

v1.3.0 — April 19, 2015

A major release that adds advanced URL filtering.

  • Feature: Advanced URL filtering (allows blocking of sub-pages. For example, allows blocking Facebook while allowing the Facebook login page for apps like Spotify)

  • Added option for sending additional debug information.

v1.2.9 — April 17, 2015

A minor release that fixes bugs and removes old blocking support (Firefox extension now required).

  • Deprecated support for PAC files
  • Better support for Firefox extension
  • On-boarding dialog
  • Multiple license support
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug with minutes not being selectable in custom focus time
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug with blocked apps disabling menu
  • Various other bugfixes

v1.2.4 — March 29, 2015

A minor release to add a few features and fix bugs.

  • Feature: Automatically unblock webpages when unfocusing
  • Feature: Drag & drop applications onto the Focus icon or blocked apps panel
  • Feature: Icons now show on blocked application list
  • Bugfix: Keyboard shortcut now respects menubar icon click behavior
  • Bugfix: Preferences window now opens a dock window
  • Bugfix: Cleaned up edge-cases with schedule unfocusing
  • Added privacy policy

v1.2.3 — March 25, 2015

A minor release to improve how apps are blocked.

  • Feature: Blocked apps are closed automatically when possible
  • Bugfix: Background apps are no longer blocked, only visible apps

v1.2.0 — March 4, 2015

A major release that adds better pomodoro support.

  • Feature: Show timers and schedules in the menubar
  • Feature: Start a timer with 1-click from the menubar
  • Feature: Improved preferences UI (new menubar panel)
  • Bugfix: Can add more time in hardcore mode
  • Bugfix: Diagnostic crash report prompt
  • Various other bugfixes

v1.1.0 — February 23, 2015

A major release that adds native SSL support to Chrome and Safari.

  • Feature: SSL support for Chrome and Safari
  • Various other bugfixes

v1.0.0 — December 1, 2014

First major release.

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