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Learn how to block Facebook on a Mac so you can be more productive.

Block Facebook on Mac

Learn how to block Facebook on a Mac

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Facebook can be a useful service to keep up with your friends and family—or a distracting blackhole of productivity. If you've reached your breaking point, and you're tired of aimlessly clicking on distractions that zap your energy and productivity—keep reading to figure out how to block Facebook once and for all.

Easily block Facebook with Focus for Mac

Focus is the best and easiest way to block Facebook. Getting started is extremely simple, just download Focus below:

Focus is the best way to block Facebook on a Mac Download Focus

Focus is a Mac app that blocks distractions like Facebook, so you can be more productive and calm at work. It has a free 7-day trial, so you can try it out and see how it works for you.

Running Focus to Block Facebook

By default, Focus already blocks Facebook. All you need to do is download Focus above and run the app to install it.

Focus blocks Facebook by default

Then, simply turn Focus on from the menubar and Facebook will be blocked.

Focus menubar

Now when you visit Facebook—you'll receive a block message like this:

Say hello to your new peace of mind!

Blocking Facebook on a schedule

But it gets even better, Focus makes it easy to setup schedules or timers so you can easily take control of when you want to block Facebook.

And when you need an extra push, Focus has Hardcore Mode which enforces schedules, so once Facebook is blocked you can't get out of it!

Focus is the easiest way to block Facebook, and has all the advanced features you might want to be more productive—including scripting to integrate with other services, statistics to tell how you're doing, breaks when you need some rest—and a whole lot more!

Take control of your productivity and block Facebook by downloading and trying Focus today!

See what else Focus has to offer.

Drowning in distractions? They're chipping away at your productivity and focus. Fight back with Focus, the macOS app designed to block distractions and keep you on track. Regain your focus, achieve your goals, and find balance. Give Focus a try and see the difference it makes! Download Focus