Learn how to use Focus, the Mac app that blocks distracting websites and applications. Learn how to use the major features to steal back your productivity!

Using Focus

Apart from being a highly effective and lightweight app, Focus is simple to setup, easy to start and is loaded with features that make it even better at helping you enhance your productivity.

Simple Setup

Once you've downloaded and installed Focus you can begin using it right out of the box. But Focus can get just as complex as your needs dictate. See Installing Focus.

Starting Focus

Ready to get to work? Click the Focus icon in the menubar. A context menu will be presented with a number of options, including access to Focus Preferences and Statistics.

Menubar popup

You can turn on Focus to keep all distractions at bay until you deactivate it by selecting Focus OR you can set it to run for a specific amount of time to complete the work you need done by selecting Focus for XX minutes or Custom Focus....

Selecting Custom Focus will allow you to specify the specific amount of time you wish to dedicate to working for that immediate session. 

Custom time popup

Global Hotkeys

Are you a power user? If you've got the skills then Focus has the capability. Activate Focus with mere keystrokes, maintaining your flow and train of thought without having to break your productive stride. See Global Hotkey.

Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro Technique is a tried and true method of study and independent work scheduling. Focus integrates this proven practice into its operation, allowing you to put it to work for you as well.

Setting up one or multiple Pomodoro Timers is easy and may be activated from the menubar icon. See Pomodoro Timer.


We want you to be successful. That means regularly putting in the work. You can set up Focus to automatically run at a schedule of your choosing. We want to help you stay on target. See Scheduling Focus.

Focus flexible scheduling

Hardcore Mode

Willpower isn't infinite. Work is hard. Discipline can be draining. Sometimes you need an extra wall to make giving up a little less easy. Hardcore Mode might be just what the doctor ordered. See Hardcore Mode.

Focus hardcore mode

Password Mode

Hardcore Mode not enough for ya? Grab a trusted friend and use Focus in Password Mode. Make sure your buddy is the only one who has the password (no peeking) for that added productivity insurance. See Password Mode.

URL Blocking

The internet is rife with temptations and distractions. Focus' URL Blocking keeps them at bay once Focus is active, allowing you the time and space to whittle that TO-DO list item by item. See URL Blocking.

Blocked sites


Everyone needs a break every now and again, right? Absolutely, but with Focus you have limits on your breaks and on how long they can be, further removing temptation to overindulge and gasp! procrastinate. See Breaks.

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