What is Focus? Focus is a Mac app that blocks distracting websites and applications. It sits in your menubar and keeps your productive during your day.

What is Focus?

Focus is a tool designed for your Mac that allows you to instantly block off all online and offline distractions of your choice on your computer.

With a distraction-free workspace completely removed from tempting notifications, you will be able to maximize your productivity and get the most important things done in record time.

How Does Focus Work?

Focus can help you achieve insane levels of productivity within less than a minute, and it only takes 5 simple steps:

  1. Download the Focus app here.
  2. Install the Focus app onto your computer - give it a few seconds!
  3. Click the "Focus" app in your Applications folder
  4. You should see the Focus icon appear in the top-right corner of your menubar:

Focus text

  1. Start using Focus right away, or play around with the settings until you find the perfect set of working conditions that best enhance your productivity.

What Exactly Can I Do With Focus?

Focus is specifically designed to be as easy or complex as you want it to be.

You can start using it right out of the box by clicking on the menubar icon and getting started with a distraction-free work session

Or, you can head on over to "Preferences" and go wild!

Here's a short sample of all the things you can do to customize your experience with Focus:

Custom Focus: Choose to stay in the zone for any set period of time, or pre-set a length of time that works best for your working style.

Hardcore Mode: Still can't fight distractions? Time to go hardcore! But be warned: Once you set the timer and all your pre-set temptations are blocked, you literally cannot access them until the timer expires (don't try to cheat by resetting your computer - it won't work!).

Blocking Applications: Are desktop apps like Mail, Spotify and Solitaire annoying you? Tell Focus to block them during your focused work session and you'll have no chance and opening them up.

Scheduling Focus: You can customize a working schedule in advance that blocks all pesky online and offline distractions for a pre-determined length on any day and time you wish.

Pomodoro Timer: Looking to replicate one of the world's most famous productivity techniques? You can easily configure Focus to abide by the "25 minutes work, 5 minutes rest" cycle with the click of a few buttons.

Blocking URLs: You can block entire websites while also allowing for small exceptions. And if you find a distracting website while in the middle of work, you can easily drag and drop the URL into the Focus app and add it to your blocklist.

For a more detailed list, please refer to the Focus Documentation and its various sections (to the left on desktop, or scroll down to the very bottom if you're viewing this page on mobile).

Why Is Focus The Best Distraction-Blocking App For The Mac?

Although there are plenty of great apps out there for helping you stay focused while working online, we'd like to think that we bring some much-needed, high-in-demand features to the table:

Browser-Independent: No matter which browser you try to use, Focus will immediately block all the websites on your blocklist when it is activated.

Your days of trying to "cheat" the system by switching to a new browser are officially over! Muahahahaha!

Extremely Lightweight: Focus is ridiculously small in size and sits on your menubar while consuming next to zero computing power.

Blocking your distractions should be a rapid yet painless process that does not interfere with getting a solid jam session in.

Ridiculously Easy To Use: Focus can be customized in numerous ways with nothing more than a few clicks.

Our intuitive user interface organizes all available features for easy access and use. No more reading a 350-page manual for hours to figure out how to do one simple thing.

Full Range Of Customization: Focus was designed for both the world's most productive people and the everyday individuals who need a little kick-start with finishing that long-standing task on their to-do list.

You can go full-on hardcore with extreme levels of distraction blocking and make it impossible to give in to any temptation whatsoever, just like the greatest novel writers of all time.

Or you can block a few websites, start working and immediately de-activate Focus when you're done.

Continuously Updated For Optimal Productivity: Focus is always launching new beta features for its users to put into action, and taking feedback for how it can do things bigger and better.

Our changelog tracks all of the new changes made to the app, while announcing upcoming features to be added to later versions.

Got a feature you'd like to see in the Focus app? Email [email protected] and we'll get back to you with a smile! :)

Who Is Focus Designed For?

Anybody and everybody who needs the Internet to complete their day-to-day will find that Focus is a lightweight yet powerful and essential tool for staying focused over long periods of time:

Students & Professors: Wish you didn't spend the past 3 hours surfing YouTube and Facebook?

Focus will give you the supercharged concentration you accidentally discovered when you were meeting the last-minute deadline after midnight in the dark corners of the library.

Freelancers & Entrepreneurs: You have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want, but you find that distractions get in the way of maintaining your self-imposed working schedule.

Focus helps take back control of your day by eliminating all of the interruptions and the inner voice that says "Ooooh, just 5 minutes of browsing through my email and then I'll get started".

Executives And Business Owners: Super-tight deadlines and endless demands are just part of your chaotic workday and you need a moment to chill out from the world at large.

Use Focus as a companion to protect your valuable time and your willpower. Invest it in the high-priority projects that truly matter and watch your personal effectiveness soar through the roof!

Programmers And Software Developers: Designing beautiful applications and writing effective code is mentally exhausting enough without the constant "pings" and "dings" of the World Wide Web.

Let Focus do all the hard work of setting up your perfect "offline" workstation. All you need to do is supply the work (and the code!) - no need to seek out the wilderness for an epic work session.

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