Focus is a Mac app that blocks distracting websites like Facebook and Reddit. Download Now

Drag and Drop

Quickly add and remove websites by dragging and dropping them onto the menubar icon.

Focus supports adding websites quickly with drag and drop

When the popup menu appears, you'll be able to block (or unblock) the URL.

Block the page or the entire domain

By default Focus will block an entire domain, but sometimes you may just want to block that single page you're on.

Pressing the toggle link button on the popup will flip Focus between these two modes, blocking the entire domain or just the page.

Focus can quickly toggle between domain and page mode

You can also customize the URL inside of the box if you want to block a more specific URL.

See URL Blocking for more information on what kind of things can go in this box.


Drag and drop also supports Whitelisting, where it will add the rule to your exception list rather than block list.

Focus drag and drop supports whitelisting

Hardcore Mode

When Hardcore Mode is enabled, you can add to your blacklist but cannot remove from it.

This makes it possible to quickly add new distracting sites, but you'll have to wait until your timer or schedule is up to remove them.

With Whitelisting enabled, this is the opposite—you can remove from your whitelist but not add to it.

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