Learn how to block distracting applications on your Mac computer using the Focus app. Block distracting apps and games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

Blocking Applications

Websites aren't the only potential source of distraction for knowledge workers and creatives. Local apps on our computers can be tempting interruptions as well. Luckily, Focus has you covered there too.

The Focus Application Block List

You know that Focus has a website block list. But Focus also maintains a customizable list of local applications which it blocks access to while it is activated. To access the Application Block List:

  1. Click the Focus icon in the menubar
  2. Select Preferences from the context menu
  3. Click the Blocking tab
  4. Select Application

Focus can block applications

Blocking an Application

You know which applications are your particular weakness? Adding these apps to Focus' app block list is just as easy and intuitive as the website block list. And, just like the website block list, there are two ways you can add applications to the block list.

Adding an Application Manually

While in the Preferences window Blocking tab, select Applications to bring up the Applications block list. Click the "+"icon. This will activate Finder. Navigate to the installation folder of the app in question and select it to add it to the list.

Adding an Application via Drag and Drop

While viewing the app block list, you may drag the icon of the desired application to the list, automatically adding it to the block list. Now, the app will not be accessible once Focus is activated.

Removing an Application

Did you remove the app entirely? Did you have a change of heart or change of plan? Do you need the app removed from the list? Not a problem. From within the Preferences window, viewing the app block list, simply click on the application of choice, highlighting it, and click the "-" icon. App removed.

Editing an Application

A recent update has the app in a new location? Has the filename changed? If you need to edit an entry on the list simply double click the relevant entry in order to manually enter the new information.

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