Block distracting websites on a Mac using Focus. Block the Internet or just a specific webpage using Focus, the Internet distraction blocker.

Blocking Websites

The power of Focus lies in its ability to remove major distractions while there is work to be done. A significant source of distraction for the modern digital warrior are entertaining websites. Focus helps by blocking access to these websites.

The Focus Block List

Focus maintains a customizable list of websites which it blocks access to while it is activated. To access this block list:

  1. Click the Focus icon in the menubar
  2. Select Preferences from the context menu
  3. Click the Blocking tab
  4. Select Websites

Focus comes preloaded with a block list of the usual suspects.

Blocking A Website

Got a particular guilty pleasure that's not on the list? Adding websites to Focus' block list is easy and intuitive. In fact, there are two ways you can add websites to the Focus block list.

Adding a Website via the Preferences Window

We explained a bit earlier how to bring up the block list in the Preferences window. Once it's up, click the "+" icon to manually add the website of your choice. For more detailed instruction, and to learn more about blocking websites, see URL Blocking.

Adding a Website via Drag and Drop

Did we mention that adding a website to the blocked list was easy? While using the browser, on a website you'd like to block while working, drag the Site Information icon in the address bar of your browser to the Focus icon in the Menubar. Focus will prompt you to add this site URL to the blocked list. For more information see Drag and Drop.

Focus supports adding websites quickly with drag and drop

Removing a Website

There are no absolutely bad sites. Some of the sites on the default list may in fact be necessary for your work. Or maybe you added a site by accident. Maybe you changed your mind. Whatever the case may be, removing sites from the Focus block list is a cinch. From the Preferences window, simply click on the website of choice, highlighting it, and click the "-" icon. Site removed. For more info see URL Blocking.

Editing a Website

Sometimes greater specificity is called for. Or perhaps the address of one of the blocked sites has changed. Sites on the block list are easily editable. Simply double-click on a site and manually enter the new address.

Flip The Script: The Focus Allowed List

Do you prefer a scorched earth approach? If you activate Focus' Allowed List then the ENTIRE INTERNET is off-limits while Focus is activated except for select websites which you designate in the Focus Allowed List. To access the Allowed List:

  1. Click the Focus icon in the menubar
  2. Select Preferences from the context menu
  3. Click the Blocking tab
  4. Select Websites
  5. Click Allow

For more information see Allowed List.

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