Focus is a Mac app that helps you take back your productivity.

Focus Breaks

Focus helps you create your perfect productivity routine which includes plenty of breaks.

Focus is an extremely powerful website blocker and app blocker for Mac. Its Locked Mode, Pomodoro Timer and Focus Schedules make it a helpful productivity sidekick.

But a key part of productivity is taking regular breaks.

Focus Break Mode enables you the flexibility of staying productive, while also allowing yourself some time off.

Why take breaks?

Just like the Pomodoro Technique discovered, regular breaks are a key way to be more effective.

Regular breaks allow you to rest and regain energy to refocus. They're a great time to get up and stretch, and grab anything you might need for your next Focus session.

How to enable breaks in Focus

To start a new session with breaks, click the Focus menubar icon then click the Break button. It will toggle through the available break settings so you can quickly choose your desired setting.

Once your session starts, you'll be allowed to take a break up to the maximum you've set.

After you run out of breaks, you won't be able to take them anymore. And if you're in Locked Mode you'll be forced to finish your session.

You can also configure breaks on a per-schedule basis ahead of time.

Simply change the desired break setting in the Schedules preference panel.

How to customize breaks in Focus

To configure breaks for Schedules, refer to the video above.

To configure breaks for Timer and Pomodoro Sessions, go to the Timers preference panel where you can edit the settings.

Configure the duration of Timer and Pomodoro Breaks.

Configure the duration of Timer and Pomodoro Breaks.

Pomodoro Timer

Focus has a powerful Pomodoro Timer that integrates with Break Mode. The Pomodoro Timer will use your Break Mode settings to run its Pomodoros. Read more at the Focus Pomodoro documentation.

Up Next

Now that you've learned how to block distractions, track your productivity, and take breaks—it's time to learn one of the biggest ways to customize Focus and integrate it directly into your workflows.

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