Focus is a Mac app that helps you take back your productivity.

Enforce Timers and Schedules

Locked Mode makes Focus sessions impossible to stop, blocking distractions and improving productivity!

Locked Mode turns Focus into an extreme productivity tool. With Locked Mode enabled, once Focus has started, it cannot be stopped! You must complete the session.

Be careful, even if you restart your Mac, or try to force kill Focus—it won't let you.

Focus aims to follow your original intent—sometimes extreme measures are needed for extreme productivity—and Focus is happy to help you here to accomplish your goals.

How to enable Locked Mode

To keep a session running no matter what, click the Lock icon on the bottom left of the menubar window.

Schedules can also be locked ahead of time—click the Focus Preferences icon and select Schedules. Click the Lock icon for the schedule you want to enforce.

Now when your sessions are running in Locked Mode, they cannot be stopped.

However, if you've enabled Break Mode—you can still take breaks up to your allowed limit, even in Locked Mode. Start slow, with plenty of breaks, and work your way up. Try to build a practical routine you'll stick with and build on—it's a long race!

How to disable Locked Mode

To disable Locked Mode, simply uncheck the box from the menubar window or schedule settings when Focus isn't active. Focus has to be inactive, being in Break Mode doesn't count.

If you are stuck and need to get out of Locked Mode, please email [email protected] and we can help you out.

Add Distractions in Locked Mode

When Locked Mode is enabled, you can't access preferences.

But when you're in the zone, and end up on a distracting website—you need to be able to block it quickly.

Focus supports dragging and dropping URLs onto the Focus menubar icon to add new blocked websites and applications quickly.

Quickly Add Blocked Websites

Quickly Add Blocked Apps

Password Mode

A companion mode to Locked Mode is Pasword Mode, where you can lock the Focus preferences with a password. This is perfect for Parental Control, or when you need to keep yourself from turning off Locked Mode when Focus is inactive. Give it a try!

Next Up

Now that you've learned how to enforce sessions with Locked Mode, let's learn some of the different sessions you can create with Focus.

Focus aims to work the way you work.

Schedules let you set up Focus once, and run that productivity schedule over and over.

While timers and pomodoro let you get in Focus with 1-click—whenever you need.

Need help?

Email [email protected] with any questions about Focus, and we'll assist you as soon as possible!