Learn how to install Focus, the Mac app that blocks distracting websites and applications. Start blocking distractions in 30 seconds!

Installing Focus

Congrats on your decision to be more productive.

To get you up and running with Focus we'll guide you through the four stages of properly installing Focus.

Note: Make sure that you've updated OSX as Focus works only with OSX Yosemite and later releases.

1. Download

Go to www.heyfocus.com and download the latest version of Focus. You'll receive Focus as a compressed ZIP file.

2. Unpack

Using Finder, locate the downloaded file (Focus-latest.zip), usually located in the Downloadsfolder, and double-click it to unpack it. The application, Focus (a single icon), will be extracted to the same folder.

3. Apply to Applications

While still in Finder, click and drag the Focus icon from the Downloads folder to the Applications folder.  You can now activate Focus from either the Applications folder in Finder, from Applications itself, or from Launchpad.

4. First Run Setup

When you run Focus for the first time you will be presented with two windows, Welcome and Thank You.

The Welcome window only appears on the initial activation. Apart from being our official greeting to the focus application, you may also specify whether or not you would like to have Focus start automatically when the computer is logged on or to be manually activated. To toggle this option on, check the box in the lower left corner of the Welcome window. With feature activated Focus is activated and available via its icon on the menubar.

The Thank You window, apart from expressing our gratitude for deciding to use Focus, also provides an opportunity to apply the purchase license or to purchase a license. This window, however, persists for the duration of the trial period (or until the purchase license is applied), opening when the app is activated.  Simply select Continue Trial to move on.

** Note: If there isn't an option to enter in your license code, usually restarting the app will re-show the licensing screen and let users enter their information.

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Need help?

Contact support@heyfocus.com if you have any questions about Focus.