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Scheduling Focus

Scheduling is a really powerful feature in Focus that lets you plan blocks of productivity ahead of time.

You can create an infinite number of schedules, allowing you to create the schedule that's right for you.

Focus flexible scheduling

Types of schedules

Focus offers multiple types of schedules in the dropdown menu to make building a schedule easier:

Focus flexible scheduling dropdown menu

  • Monday through Sunday schedules the selected day
  • Weekdays schedules Monday-Friday
  • Weekends schedules Saturday & Sunday
  • Every day schedules every day Monday-Sunday

24 hour mode

If the start and end time of a schedule are the same (ex: 4pm to 4pm or 4am to 4am), Focus takes that to mean the schedule should be for a full 24 hours.

So for example, if you setup a schedule for Tuesday from 2pm to 2pm like the example below, it will block from Tuesday at 12:00am to Wednesday at 12:00am.

24 hour scheduling example

This is true even for Weekdays, Weekends, and Every day menu items.

This is powerful, but also kind of scary because you might accidentally setup a longer schedule than you intended. How do we protect against this?

Protecting against accidents

Luckily Focus offers warnings when it detects a schedule that might be longer than you intended, so you can be sure you never accidentally setup a block when you don't intend.

This even works well with complex schedules that are chained together. So if you see a warning, take a look at your schedules and make sure you intended the change.

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