It’s one thing to say that you’re being productive. But are you ACTUALLY getting things done?! Focus helps you answer that question by tracking your personal productivity.


It’s easy to feel like you’re being productive, even when nothing meaningful is accomplished.

But you want to know, without a shred of doubt, that you’re actually getting the most important things done.

When you use Focus to block out your offline and online distractions, you want to feel certain that you’re being productive.

That’s why we’ve added a “Statistics” mode to track your working sessions and help you stay on top of your personal productivity.

How The “Statistics” Feature In Focus Helps You Track Your Personal Productivity

Every time you successfully complete a session in Focus, the program will automatically record how long it lasted and add it towards the day’s total tally.

It doesn’t record precisely when in the day you used Focus, but it will record the total time that Focus was active for that day.

NOTE: Focus will ONLY record your sessions if they are fully completed from start to finish.

So if you set Focus to work for 30 minutes, but choose to deactivate it before the 30 minutes is up by clicking the menubar icon and selecting Unfocus, Focus will not record the time that it was active.

How To View “Statistics” In Focus

To access this feature, click the Focus menubar icon and select Statistics:

viewing the statistics screen

You will then be presented with the following screen:

Focus Statistics — Track your focus over time

By default, Focus will display your productivity statistics for the current week. \

Clicking on the “Month” button on the bottom right-hand corner will show you how long you successfully used Focus for each day of the current month:

monthly view of statistics

Likewise, clicking on the “Year” button on the bottom right-hand corner will show you how long you successfully used Focus for each month of the year:

yearly view of statistics

Regardless of the viewing mode you are in, you have the option to use the arrows in the top center portion of the screen to view previous days, weeks or months of data.

If you wish to instantly return to viewing your personal data for the current day/week/month, simply press the blue button between the two arrows containing the time period in question:

viewing current statistics

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