To guarantee extreme productivity and laser focus, make it impossible to have access to distracting websites and apps. Here’s how Focus helps you do that in 2 seconds.

Hardcore Mode

There are times in life when we need to be ridiculously productive. We need something done in an unreasonable amount of time and absolutely nothing can get in the way.

Put simply, you cannot afford ANY kind of distraction to throw you off your A-game.

Focus allows you to tap into a state of flow with Hardcore Mode.

Here’s what happens when you activate Hardcore Mode before turning Focus on:

  • For the time that you have allotted Focus to stay on, you WILL NOT be able to access or change any of the options in the Preferences window.
  • Any website you have blocked or any application you don’t want to open will be completely inaccessible.
  • You cannot “cheat” Focus by using a different browser, turning off the program or restarting your computer. Once Hardcore Mode is on, it’s on for good.
  • The only way to exit Hardcore Mode is to wait until the timer expires, after which you can choose to turn Hardcore Mode off for future working sessions.

So make sure that you’re deadly serious about working before using it!

How To Enable Hardcore Mode In Focus

To access this feature, click the Focus menubar icon, click Preferences and then click on the General tab:

enable hardcore mode

Make sure that the checkbox beside “Lock preferences during timed sessions” is checked off.

NOTE: Hardcore Mode can ONLY be used on the entire block list.

NOTE #2: The websites you are allowed to add or remove while Hardcore Mode is enabled depends on whether you are using a Block List or an Allow List. Please see the Drag and Drop page for more information.

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