Want to see how Focus was built? Read the case-study.

A Mac app to block distracting websites

Do you ever get distracted?

IM? Facebook? Reddit? Hacker News?

These services are great, but sometimes it's hard to get work done when they're around. The interruptions start small but can have a devastating effect on productivity.

Wouldn't it be great if you could turn them all off with 1-click?

Focus is your secret Mac productivity tool

Get in the zone with 1-click

Focus is a tiny app that sits in your menu bar. It allows you to quickly and easily block out any website or service you want.

Download it below and steal back your productivity!

Download Focus Requires OS X 10.8+

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How does Focus work?

Focus uses the Automatic Proxy Configuration in OS X, which allows it to intercept requests to blocked websites.

So Focus can display a custom message instead of showing the blocked website?

Yes! And in the future, this message will be customizable. Currently it shows a motivational quote.

What about just being more disciplined about what sites you visit?

Self-discipline is great, but the world is also noisy. When we work on the same computers we socialize and relax on, the environments can get messy. Focus wants to make it really easy to get into work mode by minimizing interruptions and setting you back on track when you do get distracted.

Does Focus read any of my traffic?

No. Focus does setup a local proxy server to intercept requests, but everything is self contained on your computer.

Does Focus work on HTTPS?

Focus will block HTTPS sites, but can't display a custom message.

Can I use Focus from the command line?

Yes! There are two very simple scripts to do this, focus and unfocus. Look at the source to see how easy it is to hook into Focus and control it from your own scripts.

Why can't I just edit /etc/hosts manually?

There are a few problems with this approach, the biggest is most people don't want to mess with the terminal and system level configuration files.

Is it possible to run Focus in my dock rather than menubar?

Currently no but this is a planned feature.

Do you have a grayscale icon? I don't like colorful icons in my menubar.

Yes! This has been added as a configurable option.

Want to modify Focus' source code?

Go for it! Focus is open-source on GitHub.

Want to see how Focus was built?

I wrote up a small case study on my website about how I made Focus.

I have another question you didn't answer

Please email me, I'm happy to answer any questions!

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