Focus Focus is a Mac app that helps you take back your productivity.

Motivational Quotes

Focus can turn distractions into inspirational quotes that help you stay productive, motivated, and on-task!

Focus blocks distracting websites and distracting applications, but can also help motivate you when it detects you're distracted.

Focus provides inspirational quotes that give you the motivation you need to push through and finish your Focus session.

blocked website replaced by a quote

blocked website replaced by a quote

Why does motivation work?

In general, you should rely on discipline rather than motivation to build your productivity system.

Something you show up and do every day, regardless of how you feel, will ultimately lead to the best results.

However, we're human, and need good answers to Why am I doing this? — that's where motivation comes in.

Motivation reminds you why this seemingly unimportant thing, is actually really important.

Big goals are filled with tons of little steps, and some of them are not fun or exciting—they're boring and tedious!

If you only Focus on the things you want to do, and not the things you need to do, you'll spin your wheels and not make progress toward your goals.

Motivation helps you zoom out, and see the bigger picture—giving you the perspective you need to push hard and keep going.

Customize your motivation for increased productivity

Motivation is most impactful when it's personal to you. Focus comes with dozens of helpful quotes to get you started:

Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work. —Stephen King

Action is the foundational key to all success. —Pablo Picasso

There is no substitute for hard work. —Thomas Edison

Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. —Lao Tzu

If there is no wind, row. —Latin Proverb

But you should delete all of these, and choose ones that make you sit up in your chair, crack your knuckles, and want to knock it out of the park.

Why are you working on this?

If it's to make money, why are you making money? Freedom? Provide a great life for you and your family. World domination?

Are you studying for your dream career?

Are you writing your masterpiece?

Having a clear objective on Why helps provide the motivation you need, when you really need it.

How to customize Focus quotes

To get started, click the Focus menubar icon, then select Preferences in the drop-down menu.

Focus sits in your menubar to be quickly accessible, but otherwise stay out of the way.

Focus sits in your menubar to be quickly accessible, but otherwise stay out of the way.

Then select the Quotes panel.

To add a motivational quote click the plus + icon at the bottom of the screen, enter the quote and hit enter. You can optionally hit Tab to enter an author.

To remove a motivational quote, click the minus - icon, and Focus will remove the selected quote.

To edit an existing motivational quote, just double-click it, change it to whatever you want, and hit enter.

Where you'll see motivational quotes

Once you've customized Focus quotes, you'll see them any time you end up on a distracting website or application.

Dark Mode

Motivational quotes can also be shown in Dark Mode, by clicking Switch themes at the bottom of the block page.

Focus motivational quotes in dark mode.

Focus motivational quotes in dark mode.

Import, Export, and Reset Defaults

If you need to manage your Focus quotes, you can export them, import a new list, or reset them back to the Focus defaults.

Import quotes, export quotes or reset them to Focus defaults.

Import quotes, export quotes or reset them to Focus defaults.

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Need help?

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