Focus Focus is a Mac app that helps you take back your productivity.

What is Focus?

Focus is a Mac app that blocks distracting websites and applications to help you be more productive.

Your attention is being tracked, tampered with and traded. Megacorps recognize your attention is one of the most valuable things in the world—and they're doing everything they can to keep you addicted to their services.

Armies of engineers, marketers and psychologists employ every trick in the book to keep you hooked.

What if there were an app that helped you fight back against the tsunami of distractions, that worked for you?

Focus is that app! Focus is a Mac app that helps you steal back your productivity—we specialize in peace of mind productivity.

Focus helps you get and stay in flow state—so you can accomplish deep work—your best work.

Why do you need Focus?

Minor distractions have huge impacts on productivity. A notification here, a popup there—modern social media sucks us in. What started as 5 minutes turns into 50 minutes. This isn't quality time we're doing something we enjoy. We're procrastinating with endless digital distractions.

When we work and play on the same computers—it's like trying to diet with an open container of cookies right next to you. It doesn't work!

What we need, is Focus. We need some boundaries. We need to put the cookies in the cupboard.

Focus puts your digital cookies in a cupboard with a timed lock, so you can take a break and come back to them—but when you're trying to be productive, they're unavailable and out of the way.

How does Focus work?

Focus is a simple Mac app—once installed it runs in the background and stays out of your way.

Focus is a Mac app that blocks distractions so you can be productive and accomplish your best work.

Focus is a Mac app that blocks distractions so you can be productive and accomplish your best work.

But Focus is also extremely powerful, it can block any kind of distraction—whether that's the entire Internet, entire websites, specific URLs, keywords, applications—you name it.

Focus has the most powerful blocking engine on the planet—specially built to let you block exactly the distractions you need—and no more. So you can finally get some work done in peace!

What are the major features of Focus?

Focus is built to work the way you work—whether that's scheduling your productivity ahead of time, working on a timer, or using the Pomodoro technique.

Focus can put your productivity on a schedule, set it up once and stick to it!

Focus can put your productivity on a schedule, set it up once and stick to it!

Focus also has a powerful enforcement feature called Hardcore Mode that means once you start you can't stop. Commit to distraction-free productivity, then Focus holds you accountable.

For parents, Focus offers great Parental Control features like Password Mode, so you can customize Focus settings, and make it so they can't be changed.

Focus can't force you to work, and that's not its goal. Its goal is to help you accomplish the work you want to be doing, in a distracting world.

These features of Focus, and many more, ensure Focus integrates into your productivity routine in exactly the way you want!

Who is Focus for?

Focus is for anybody who wants a distraction-free Mac. Whether you're looking to improve your productivity, remove distractions, or struggle with Internet addiction—Focus can help.

In the 10 years of building Focus, we've learned it fits some use cases particularly well:

Students love using Focus to help them study, which takes many hours of deep work. Often they need access to specific YouTube videos, but want to block others—Focus allows all of this and more. Focus has helped high-school, bachelor, master and Ph.D. students study, ace their exams and graduate.

Writers face the daunting task of staring at an empty text editor. When they're stuck, it's easy to seek out distractions—but this leads to worse writing. Sitting with the writing (and continuing to write) helps creativity, which Focus enables and more.

Programmers are most productive with long stretches of uninterrupted development, because it takes a while to get the problem loaded into their head. Tiny distractions can have hugely negative consequences for productivity. Focus helps software developers stay focused and stay productive.

Designers need to connect with their work, and when tons of distractions are around, it's difficult to do. Focus lets designers setup their perfect environment, with a single click.

Freelancers work on a computer all day, it's easy to blur the lines between work and play. But freelancers, especially hourly freelancers, need to carefully manage and track their productivity. Focus provides tools and statistics to stay on task!

Entrepreneurs get the freedom to work wherever and whenever they want—but distractions often creep into a self-imposed working schedule. Focus helps you set up some structure the way that best works for you, to stay productive, and be able to still take some downtime.

Business owners find nearly everyone on their team can benefit from reduced distractions and better systems for productivity. With everybody on the team using Focus, the entire business gets a huge productivity increase!

Parents have the difficult job of deciding what content is appropriate for their kids. In the age of the Internet, this is increasingly difficult. Focus has many features that make this task significantly easier, enabling Allow lists, specific websites and keywords to effectively manage access.

Focus has been used by tens of thousands of people to take back control of their productivity, achieve their goals, and accomplish their best work. What would you do if you could supercharge your productivity?

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