Focus Focus is a Mac app that helps you take back your productivity.

Advanced Focus Preferences

Focus has some extra settings in the Advanced Preferences menubar, some of which might improve your experience.

Focus aims to be simple to use, but extremely powerful and configurable. Most preferences can be found in the main preferences window. However some additional preferences can be found up in the menu bar while the preferences are open.

While Focus preferences are open, look at the top of your screen at your menu bar where it says Preferences. That menu has some additional preferences you can configure, that advanced users might find useful.

Focus Extra Preferences

Show notifications

Turn this menu item off to hide notifications, like when Focus is about to start, stop or when taking a break.

Automatically unfocus at end of session

Turn this menu item on to automatically unfocus after a timed session. By default Focus will stay enabled so it doesn't interrupt you and you can choose to keep working.

Show countdown timer while running

Turn this menu item off to disable the timer in the menu bar. It will still be available in the popup menu.

Open popup menu

By default when you select the Focus menu, it will open the popup menu.

Toggle status

Toggle Focus on/off depending on the state. Works properly with hardcore mode, so can only disable when allowed. You can access the popup menu with a right-click or control+click.

Start default timer

Start a timed Focus session (use whatever value was used last time). You can access the popup menu with a right-click or control+click.

Block speed

Focus by default will attempt to block aggressively. On older computers, this can sometimes strain resources. Turn down the block speed (Fast, Medium or Slow) to make Focus block a little bit slower.

Logging level

Adjust the logging level verbosity (Default, All or None) when debugging problems.

Browser blocking method

By default Focus will block pages by showing quotes. This behavior can be changed and Focus can close distracting web pages instead. This is especially useful with Safari pinned tabs, which unfortunately cannot have their URL changed and will create new tabs on block.

Need help?

Email [email protected] with any questions about Focus, and we'll assist you as soon as possible!