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Using Focus to Manage Your YouTube Access

Learn how to use Focus to block YouTube, or allow access to specific videos or playlist

Distractions can be a major challenge to productivity. Thankfully, there are tools like Focus for macOS, which can help manage these distractions by allowing you to block or unblock certain websites. In this article, we will focus on how to block and unblock YouTube, allowing access to specific videos or playlists.

Blocking all of YouTube

The simplest scenario is simply blocking all of YouTube. You can accomplish this with Focus by adding the following rule to Preferences > Blocking > Websites > Block these websites

Blocking all of YouTube except for a specific video

If you want to allow a single video, you can whitelist it by adding a + before the rule, like this:

You can add as many video exceptions as you'd like. But if you have a lot of videos, it may be easier to add them to a playlist and allow that.

Blocking all of YouTube except for a playlist

To block all of YouTube except for a playlist, use a wildcard * like this:

When you're on a playlist, look into the URL and grab the list parameter, and insert it into YOUTUBE_LIST_ID_GOES_HERE.

Also ensure to start the rule with a plus + and use a wildcard * in watch?v=*

This rule says, allow YouTube URLs with any video, but only in the playlist specified.

Focus has URL blocking and Advanced URL blocking to block only the distractions you need. It let's you slice and dice, so you can keep what's helpful, and block what's distracting. Improve your productivity with Focus today!

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