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Pomodoro Timer

Focus can be used as a pomodoro timer to increase your productivity in short blocks of time.

This technique, known as the pomodoro technique, is used throughout the world as a simple way to improve mental agility on tasks that require high amounts of concentration.

The technique is very simple:

  1. Decide which task needs to be complete
  2. Start the pomodoro timer (usually for 25 minutes)
  3. Work on the task until the timer is up
  4. Take a small break (5 minutes)
  5. After four sessions (pomodori), take a longer break (15-30 minutes)

Traditional pomodoro tomato timer A pomodoro timer started as a physical tomato timer

Focus is a great pomodoro timer because in addition to setting a timer, it also blocks distractions and creates your optimal work environment.

How do you use pomodoro with Focus?

Setting a pomodoro timer on Focus

Focus offers a way to block websites for a specific amount of time, so setting up a pomodoro timer is easy. Click the menu icon to reveal the list of timer options.

The Focus dropdown menu has different timer based options useful for Pomodoro

Focus offers a 25 minutes option, which is the standard pomodoro length. Press one of the timers (or custom) to begin your pomodoro session.

Follow the pomodoro technique described above and you'll start being more productive in no time!

Using a custom time

To use a custom time, select the Custom... menubar item. This will open the custom time window and let you select any time you want.

Focus custom time window

The more frequently used custom times will start to appear in the drop down menu so you don't have to use the window as much.

Use hardcore mode for an extra push

Focus offers a Hardcore Mode when you need some extra help staying on task. With hardcore mode enabled, you can't change settings or disable Focus even if you quit the app. So be careful! You'll have to wait the full length of time before you get access back.

Here's how to access it in the app preferences:

Focus offers hardcore mode for when you need an extra push to stay on task

Default to pomodoro mode

Pomodoro can be the default mode so every time Focus starts it starts a pomodoro.

To enable this, check the Preferences > Menubar > Enable Focus timer for X minutes box.

Focus pomodoro preferences

Now when you start Focus via the menubar (or keyboard shortcut) a pomodoro of your desired length will start.

Start a pomodoro from the terminal

If you're an advanced user and use the Terminal a lot, you can even start a pomodoro timer from the command line by typing:

{% highlight bash %} open focus://focus?minutes=25 {% endhighlight %}

This will start a timer in Focus for 25 minutes, and allow you to use pomodoro from anywhere!

Focus is a great pomodoro app for your Mac!

Pomodoro by itself can make you more productive, but with Focus it's even better. Focus creates a perfect environment for you to get work done and the pomodoro timer keeps you on task!

Start using pomodoro timers in Focus today!

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